Instagram Deep Dive PT.1

Discovering some new hip hop through jumping into Instagram.

1. Emilio Craig @emiliocraig_

Track that put me onto Emilio Craig: "Ghost of Fordham Rd"

Albums include 'Robbery at Blockbuster", "Benny Clanco: Ghost of Fordham," "In the Same Token."

2. Eddie Kaine @_eddiekaine

Track that put me onto Eddie Kaine: "Connie Hawkins"

Bed Stuy Brooklyn artist with various albums including "2k19," "Aruku," "Nezzie's Star," "Twelve 24," and "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn."

3. Rim @rim_from_daville

Track that put me onto Rim : "Phresh Waves"

One half of Davillains, newest album is "Phresh Waves." Has also released albums such as "Felecia Sun," " BK Caminantes," " Poetic Substance,"KeeP! It Ville."

4. Rasheed Chappell @rasheedchappell

Track that put me onto Rasheed : "Bredren"

Latest album from Rasheed Chappell is "RX" and has a handful of albums under his belt including "Future Before Nostalgia," " Sinners and Saints," and "Ways and Means."

5. Son of Jan @sonofjan_me

Son of Jan has a couple singles released this year on Spotify and a few older videos on Youtube. Looking forward to seeing some more content coming out.

6. Raj WIll @rajwillbeyond

Track that put me onto Raj WIll: A clip of him playing the piano

Only has the one album out, "Wavs", but will be looking forward to see some further projects.

7. Michael Charles @mikecharles311

Track that put me onto Michael Charles: "One Night in NYC"

Houston, TX rapper Michael Charles released "Beginners Luck" this year, a follow up to the 2019 "Wayback, Vol. 1."

8. Jzavion @JM6_era

Track that put me onto Jzavian: Clip of a Tik Tok recording

22 Year old Adrian, Michigan artist has dropped 5 albums, the newest being "Project 22" this year. Other albums include "Painted," "Anxiety of Influence," and "Through my Eyez."

9. Heisenberg @heisenberg409

Track that put me onto Heisenberg: "Skin Color"

10. Bella @bella_therapper

Track that put me onto Bella: "Bree$e

Newest single "4Life" released in 2021 follows a few singles after the release of two EPs; "WestCoast" and "Diverse."

Part 2 coming soon. None of these artist recommendations come solicited.


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